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Halloween is almost here!

Don't forget to buy your pumpkins, candy, costumes, and other spooky decorations! The stores will soon run out, and you definitely will not want to miss out on the fun and Trick-or-Treating Also be sure to attend the Fall Festival at the local Cider Mill where the first hundred people to arrive will receive FREE CIDER AND DOUGHNUTS! There will also be a bouncy castle, face painting, a small craft sale, and the opportunity to see the cider and doughnuts being made!

Local kid receives a big surprise from brother at school

At Allen Elementary, the day started out normally for ten-year-old Kevin. He got up, ate breakfast, got ready for school, and upon arriving sat in his desk waiting for class to start. When made the day extraordinary was that his older brother Oliver visited his classroom and read to the students during story-time instead of the teacher. Kevin's nearly 23 year-old brother Oliver has been in the army for three years, and has only had contact with home through Facetime video calls and the occasional letter when those do not work. We asked Kevin how he reacted upon seeing his brother in his classroom, he said I thought I had fallen asleep and started dreaming that my brother was right in front of me. I kept pinching my arm for a few minutes to make sure that I was awake, and then I ran over and gave Oliver a big bear hug!

Oliver plans to stay home with Kevin, their mother and father, and golden retriever Sunny for about three weeks before heading back. He hopes that he will be home permanently soon, but for now he just wants to spend time with his little brother, Kevin.


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