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Wally has three apples, his sister Bella takes two of them. How many does Wally have left?

3÷2=1 apple
3×2=1 apple
3-2=1 apple
3+2=1 apple

Matt watched one hour of TV last week, this week he watched three hours. Which equation describes this scenario?

1×3=3 hours
1×2=3 hours
1-4=3 hours
1+2≠3 hours

Sheila's dog, Shiloh, chews up a tenth of the shoes in her closet. Before she had twenty pairs of shoes, how many were chewed up by Shiloh?

20÷10=10 shoes
20×¼=5 shoes
20-10=2 shoes

Jane receives fifty nail polish bottles as a birthday gift. She drops her bag on the ground and half of a hundred bottles break. Does she have any left, and why so?

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