The Diary of a Theatre Nerd

January 18, 2019

Since originally I promised some musical-themed stuff, I thought I could make a blog post just because I love it.


This is me taking a bow at the preview performance of the Music Man in 2017.


This is me taking a bow at the preview performance of Children of Eden in 2018.


This is one of my favorite pictures from the Music Man, because of my hilarious expression!


My family attending Lion King a few years ago.

I love musicals! I have met or gotten closer to so many of my friends, and they provide me with a big dream to strive to acheive. I love the scary rush of nerves and energy that occurs when something goes wrong, (since it is live it is nearly impossible to have a show without one panic or another) the bonds formed between cast and crew, and the stress, anxiety, and impatience that takes hold during tech week. Throughout my high school experience I have tried out for many shows, and I have gone from having a 0% success rate of being cast freshmen year, to a 75% success rate in just the last 9 months. The longest I allow myself to be upset about not getting cast is twenty minutes, then I pick myself up, review what I can do better and move forward. I have to make sure that I will not collapse on myself now and instead develop my inner toughness, which will arguably be the most important skill to have if I actually get lucky enough to follow my dream!


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