My Review Cards!

What year did Martin Luther post his 95 Theses?
Which royal French dynasty was Louis XIV a part of?
The Bourbon Dynasty.
In which country did the Industrial Revolution first occur?
Great Britain.
Who was the member of the de Medici banking family that ended up on the throneFrance?
Catherine de Medici.
How many wives did Henry VIII have?
Six (Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boylen, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, and Catherine Parr).
What was the year that Germany officially unified?
What family eventually caused their own downfall due to extreme interriage?
The Hapsburg family.
When did the Thirty Years War take place?
From 1618-1648.
Why did James VI of Scotland become James I of the United Kingdom?
Eiv1izabeth I did not have any children because she is "The Virgin Queen", and he was the closest cousin on the family tree.


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